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The themes of the To Life fundraising events have all emanated from the Florida Holocaust Museum's mission. By remembering outstanding events and actions of the past, the Museum strives to "recognize the inherent worth and dignity of human life." This principle lies at the very core of this year's theme, "To Life...To Heroes...To Courage..."

This year, the Florida Holocaust Museum celebrates the courage of the many outstanding individuals whose heroic actions, during the Holocaust and other genocides, changed many lives and often altered the course of history. While some of these individuals may have been acclaimed by history as "heroes," others would argue that they just did "the right thing."

As we reflect upon the courage of these men and women, we are inspired by their legacy. It is our sincere hope that through the attributes and actions of these heroes, we, too, can find the commitment and compassion to ensure that indifference will never be the norm.

To quote one such hero, "I have told you this story not to weaken you but to strengthen you. Now it is up to you..."

Reflections on Courage
Reflections on Courage
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