The Outdoor Arts Foundation is happy to present the latest collection from St. Petersburg artist Lenne Nicklaus-Ball. The series of work is a medley of her collection of grandmotherís jewelry and other found objects incorporated unto the canvas of real ostrich eggs. This assortment is named after her deceased grandmother called the P. Nunn Collection and is scheduled for several art shows and galleries in the future.

These assemblages represent the converging of two sources of memory and reflection in Nicklaus-Ballís creative work and life. The use of jewelry mostly vintage and costume representing Peg Nunnís sense of style and fashion is incorporated in with the natural curves of the ostrich egg and other uniquely embellished elements. The ostrich egg has just enough size and fullness to allow a metaphorically embodiment of its sensual shape to become a perfect object of embracement.

The slide show presented is a representation of several of these art assemblages that Nicklaus-Ball has created, all refer to a past experience or memory. The objects qualify as surrealism, since they are products of chance encounters and found objects. The magical transition of memory incorporating the unique unconventional creativity of the artist mixes the artistís history of abstraction and ceramics into a flea market adventure of past charm and romance.

Lenne Nicklaus Ball attended Carnegie Tech and received a BFA from Bowling Green State University, Ohio, and is currently in the Big Art Show at Tampa International Airport.

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