Big Art Show! Tampa International Airport

Curator's Statement

The Big Art Show: Kites in Flight

The Outdoor Arts Foundation working in conjunction with the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority is proud to introduce the third Big Art Show at Tampa International Airport. For this show, Tampa artists Lisa and Joe Vogt created four fused glass kites that will hang at Airside "A" through the end of 2006.

The Kites on display at Airside "A" are available for purchase with proceeds being split between the artists and the Outdoor Arts Foundation. For more information, please contact Jay Goulde at (727) 723-8620. More information about Lisa and her amazing artwork can be found at

Click here to read the Tampa Bay Business Journal article about the Big Art Show.

Kite Facts:
Dimensions: Body 6 Foot High, 4 Foot Wide
Tail 12 Feet Long

Material: Welded Frame Inch L Shaped Steel
Tail Inch Solid Steel

Artwork: Fused Glass

Glass Design and Fabrication: Lisa Vogt

Steel Design and Fabrication: Joe Vogt

Kite fabrication: 6 Months

The over sized glass components were fired in a custom designed kiln built specifically for this project by Denver Glass Machinery, Colorado.

Artist Statement:
My view of the world is different.

I see pattern and form in everything.
I am compelled to interpret what I see, make it my own, and then share it. For me the creative process is not a choice but a necessity. It is a journey that I embrace; for it has many rewards including self discovery, growth and an opportunity to raise my voice and speak through my art.

It is my hope that the kites lighten your load, bring a fond memory to your mind and sweep a smile across your face. Enjoy!

Welcome to my world.
Lisa Vogt

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